About Us

Roy and Jodi? Met at 16. He proposed the same night. She said No. Five years later she proposed. He said Yes.

Buck 15? The amount of money left in our pockets after coming back to Canada from living abroad. That’s actually a whole other story. The Coffee shop dream though, was always there.

We wanted to sit at a coffee shop that felt like home. Good vibes. Good music. Good coffee, and for Pete’s sake, friendly staff who aren’t too hipster with their plaid wearing shirts looking down at you through their curly mustache making you feel you aren’t cool enough because you asked for cream and sugar. So we built our own. We’ve moved 16 times in 14 years and Montreal seems to be home for now. We’ll see, though, Winter is coming…

We love art (can you tell from our walls?) We love reggae music (in here you feel like you are either on the beach in Jamaica or at a session getting your buck on) we love kids – most of the time. We have four of them, so we live blindly and joyfully in the chaos. Obviously we love coffee, food, and nice looking things, who doesn’t? Are you a coffee connoisseur? We sure aren’t. I can’t taste the rhubarb, sweet caramel, ripe berries with jasmine rose petals in a cup of coffee, can you? We just make and pour coffee and hope you’ll like it.

If coffee isn’t your thing, we know you’ll return for at least another “Avo Yo Toast”, our Plan B. If that’s not it either, we’re sure that you’ll definitely be back for our staff, who are so genuinely friendly, they will literally leave a crowded line up and help you chase down some guy who stole your wallet from the top of your car. True story.

So come to Buck, our home away from home.  We promise you can add as much cream and sugar as you’d like. No Judgement.